Confessions of an Upcycling Wannabe

So, here I go again, my third or fourth attempt at posting a ‘post’.
I celebrated a bit too prematurely, only to discover that the ‘post’ that I thought I had spontaneously waffled and tapped out, had DISAPPEARED.
Anyways, serves me right for not creating a word document and saving to my hard drive..but hey I’m back so that’s got to get me brownie points somewhere in cyberspace nirvana!

Right, I decided (finally) after much procrastination to just get on with it and start blogging about my crafty creative endeavours. I blow hot and cold for projects so tend to just go for it until I lose interest or feel like I am not getting to where I want to get anytime soon!

At the moment I am SEW into yep… sewing and more specifically, upcycling pre-loved, outdated, torn and well-worn clothing. Cool, yeah, embrace the eco-warrior within. I was up for that…but where to start?? I have been hoarding a stash of garments; pre-loved, outdated, well-worn, cast offs, regretful purchases false economy bargains in a huge bag…waiting with very good intentions for the time when inspiration will hit me and the creative juices will flow and I will re-create a new wardrobe of amazing one-off, stylish, semi-tailored garments. I have no illusions of seamstress grandeur…ok maybe I did have a teeny tiny deluded notion and then the reality of my lack of skill set hit me!

So, after jumping in and hacking away at some old garments and then trying miserably to piece them back together REVIVED and funky…I realised that I did not have a clue. I needed to clock up some serious Sewing 101 time and re-familiarise myself with the basics of dressmaking, pattern making and sewing.
I know how to thread a sewing machine, and I can do basic hand sewing and have the mended hems to prove it (my sewing is not brilliant but imo is just fine to ok-ish)
The one thing that I do have is a curiosity for how things are done and I do on occasion have short bursts of creativity and will sketch, youtube, google tutorials, read a library book and eventually I will have a go at making or recreating something.
I do have quite a few unfinished projects…but then hey… who doesn’t?? 🙂
I am a bit of procrastinator and a well seasoned try-hard fail-miserably-perfectionist-who will just wing it to get it done and dusted.
I have a small collection of washed out baked bean tins/cans (depending which side of the pond you favour) and today I decided to just get on with it and re-purpose them, trying to reduce my landfill contribution.
Here is my first-ish attempt

That’s it for me for the now and hopefully I can get this blogging thing sorted and return with more pics and waffle of my crafting creative catastrophes and celebratory conquests!!

take it easy out there in the real world!


About Stela Verkisto

I am a procrastinator and secret hoarder of bits and pieces. I have such very good intentions of re-using and upcycling my 'collectibles' into something creative crafty and clever .. which is why I have a few unfinished projects. I decided to give blogging a go in an attempt to be a more disciplined writer. practice makes life interesting!
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