Spring is springing with a cover of cloudy climate change controversy



Spring time Daffodils April 2014

The clocks have sprung forward and the mornings are lighter and the days are already feeling longer. Lovely. More light means happier people to meet and greet in the street. The dormant vitamin D has been reactivated and the feel good spring in your step is everywhere. 

The sky is a hazy blueish grey and I have hung a load of washing out in anticipation of a warm and dry day. I love these cool fresh spring time mornings, it’s pushing on to 7:30 am in the southeast of England and the early birds are up and singing about it and I am feeling GOOD… for the now anyway, so yeh, I’ll take it.

 There were pollution warnings yesterday, which is a concern. What the hell is that about it? Serious smog alert with people warned to stay indoors. Great timing with the latest in climate change debate.

This is an interesting article which discusses the U.N’s latest report on climate change. I say it’s interesting because the article is about ‘adapting to a warmer world’ and not necessarily trying to ‘curb’ climate change. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/04/the-uns-new-focus-surviving-not-stopping-climate-change/359929/

So, once again, climate change debate rears it’s ugly globally warmed head and despite the clear evidence of every day life and the excessive consumption of throwaway non-decompostable containers, bags, household products and increased air traffic, carbon emissions and (yes the next bit is a bit like…what??) and then everyday electrical gadgets, what they are made from, how they are produced, marketed and charged up. 

Stop ranting. Breathe in. Breathe out. Look out the window…..aaaggghhhh spring time …lovely. I can smell toast burning.. 

Talk to you later, have as good a day/night as is humanly possible! 




About Stela Verkisto

I am a procrastinator and secret hoarder of bits and pieces. I have such very good intentions of re-using and upcycling my 'collectibles' into something creative crafty and clever .. which is why I have a few unfinished projects. I decided to give blogging a go in an attempt to be a more disciplined writer. practice makes life interesting!
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