oggling and goggling @ goggle box

It’s Friday night and time to settle in, get comfy with the blanky and a cup of tea and watch people on tv watching tv…. it sounds awful right? but it’s not, trust me, it is entertaining and addictive.
The families/friends that are on the programme are either love ’em or eww dislike them intensely. Who’d have thought that this tv format would take off?? Well obviously someone and take off it has.

images tv

I laugh and cringe and have moments when my bottom jaw drops to the ground in complete disbelief…and then in almost relief that there is not a camera oggling me and catching my ugly facial gestures and inappropriate commentary! lol THAT is what makes the programme sooo very very amusing…each week these people are like guests that you invite in BUT you don’t have to actually interact with. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it is so addictive, you are facing the tv, they are facing the tv and you are in effect face 2 face!
ridiculous, but hey Friday nights are freakier and much more fun then they used to be and tbh it is much better than watching fake wannabe nobodys clawing away to be trapped in a fake house with a load of obnoxious freaks of human nature desperate for approval…hmmm proper rant that was!!
oh well, have yourselves a good ‘un whereever you may be and if you can try to catch a glimpse of
goggle box on channel 4 UK tv

tatty byes


About Stela Verkisto

I am a procrastinator and secret hoarder of bits and pieces. I have such very good intentions of re-using and upcycling my 'collectibles' into something creative crafty and clever .. which is why I have a few unfinished projects. I decided to give blogging a go in an attempt to be a more disciplined writer. practice makes life interesting!
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