supersized cupcake for ONE

XL Mother's Day cupcake, x

XL Mother’s Day cupcake, x

Last Sunday (in the UK) was Mothering Sunday. A day set aside to celebrate, spoil and pamper your mummy or anyone in your life who is a loverly-motherly influence in your life! Aaawwww.
Sceptics, back off. Yadda yadda yadda, commericalisation of love and affection and the greeting cards industry, along with florists, choccy producers etc…*nodding disapprovingly* money grabbing opportunists! 😮

Yep, don’t even get me started on that love love day in Feb…torn I am, torn! 🙂 So, I am not really a big fan of these kinds of holidays. BUT I did love doing cheesy stuff for my mum on Mother’s day and on her birthdays… buying sentimental tat and making her breakfast in bed, it used to make me and my siblings feel like we had reciprocated the love and care that she gave us every day. Aaaw 🙂
So, I remember feeling good about doing that stuff and the surprised look on my Mum’s face and the hugs n kisses we would get for making a fuss and the nonsensical talk that we shouldn’ have! aawww 🙂

So, whatever I might think, believe or not believe …. sometimes in life I have learnt that I just have to suck it up an show some grattitude and less bad-attitude. Just play along with it, because sometimes it’s NOT about ME (shock horror, even on Mother’s day) it’s about my children feeling appreciated for going out of their way to show me that I am appreciated! lol, 🙂

So, I am a mama, who is clearly not too fussed about treats and cards on these ‘special days of love and affection’  but my children, bless them, like celebrating all festive/holiday/celebratory special days and on Mother’s day, they ‘showed’ me and showered me with love and extra special Mother’s day love, hugs n kisses. AND as an extra special bonus I was given some tokens of ‘love n appreciation’;flowers, chocolates, cards and some hassle-free time (the best) and endless cups of tea.
Lovely. There were lots of heartfelt and sincere ‘thank yous’, kiss kiss kisses. ‘How lovely and very thoughtful’ and lots of genuine gushing and oh golly goshing. Even though I suspect that there will be something, I am always SURPRISED that they do it! lol 🙂

I was and am TRULY grateful and somewhat embarrassed by all this showyness and tbh it makes me feel a bit guilty about all the nagging I do and the huffing and puffing when things are not done when I want them to be done, or done the way in which I prefer them to be done! Hilariously ridiculous head space to be in, I know, I live it every day and night of my loony life! I seem to being going backwards in maturity despite the obvious aging externally! 😦

Anyways, I was given some lovely (unsolicited) tokens of appreciation; flowers, choccies a Pattern Cutting book, Gilian Holman ( yep I hold my hands up to this one, I actually did happen to mention that I very much liked that book, I know shamefully hypocritical isn’t it?) But to be fair, if they were so hell bent on getting me something that I wanted and liked, then……exactly….I might as well play along! lol 

So,along with all these lovely trinkets and goodies my lovely daughter presented me with this MASSIVE, supersized cup cake. There is a back story to this, a short one. All week I had been ‘banging’ on about cake and mmmmm how yummy cake is and how nice it would be to have CAKE! 

 So, my daughter, ever so thoughtful and at 11 years old, she has a gift for gift-giving!She decided to get me an extra-special mother’s day treat and a la voila, last Sunday amidst all the loving, and flowers and oohs and aahs she presented me with this lovely HUGE cupcake!!

It was light spongey cakeyness, sandwiched together with damson ( i think) jam/preserve and then smothered ( i mean smoothered) with a rich, creamy velvety melt in your mouth buttercream icing. 

The box said cake for ONE…. hahahha, so apart from a slither of a slice for my daughter to ‘taste test’…

I ATE the WHOLE thing by myself. Once I started I could NOT stop. After all it was only a CUPCAKE!! lol

Yep, I enjoyed every sinful mouthful. Admittedly it was a bit TOO rich for even my refined taste buds, so I did have to scrape off some of the excessive butter cream icing.

But hey, it was lovely, tasty, delicious and super decadent  treat… not to repeated any time soon. (burp) pardonnez-moi

And the point of this waffle?? Nothing profound. I was given cake, I ate cake, cake was good! 🙂 


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I am a procrastinator and secret hoarder of bits and pieces. I have such very good intentions of re-using and upcycling my 'collectibles' into something creative crafty and clever .. which is why I have a few unfinished projects. I decided to give blogging a go in an attempt to be a more disciplined writer. practice makes life interesting!
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